The reason I made this website was to show my feelings of this horrible time in history. I reaserched the holocaust and learned a lot about it. I also learned even more reasons why I should absolutly hate it. I chose to base my project on the value "Do not say anything bad about someone else, and do not listen when others are saying bad things about someone else." To me this means to never say anything mean, hurtful, upsetting, etc. about anyone else. If you hear someone else doing this never contribute to the conversation. If you do that you are just adding to the problem. Instead you should tell someone about what you saw and that way you will be helping. If all the people in the holocaust who weren't Jewish had not just stood there and watched something they knew wasn't right happened it may have been stopped. They were bistanders. They did nothing. The just stood and watched. Stood, waited, silent.

My Story