My question for the world and my question for everyone who was even slightly involved in the Nazis in the holocaust is why? Why would anyone do this horrible thing to other humans. They treated them like they were dirt on their shoes, animals. Why would you ever do that. Just because they believe in something different? Just because they look different? Just because for some messed up reason YOU don’t like them? Why? Why? Why? Why would you do that? I just don’t understand how you do that. Kill 11 million people without feeling anything. You just can’t be human. Everyone is equal. Everyone is human. Everyone can believe what they want. Everyone is different. If you just can't dealwith it, so what? Why just because you have some messed up feeling that you don't like someone why ruin their life? Why talk about someone else or even think about someone else or even LISTEN to someone else say something that you, deep down inside, know is not true. Why use your evil power to ruin someones hopeful life, rip it away from them like a toy. Take away a life in the snap of a fingers.