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What is the Holocaust?


The Holocaust was a horrible time in history. During this time the Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, caused a mass murder of 11 million Jews, Gypsies, people with disablities, and lots of other innocent people. The Nazis blamed these people for what was wrong with Germany and were determined to wipe out and of these people so all that would be left on Europe would be the "perfect" Aryan race (blond hair, blue eyes, etc.). During this time they would herd up loads of these people who they hated and would send them to Ghettos. Ghettos were very small parts of a town sectioned off with rooms where they shoved lots of these people into. For the most part there was no heat, running water, or plumming. People were given food rations and were forced to do labor. In Ghetteos lots of large families lived in one small room meant for only a few people. In Ghettos there was lots of lice and disease spread easily. During the winter people may have frozen to death or since there was so little food and water people may have starved to death. After the Ghettos most people were moved to concentration camps. In these horrible places Jews were forced to do work and were croweded into even smaller spaces. There was almost no food except for barely enough bread and soup (water that kind of tasted like soup with almost nothing in it). People died because food was so scarce and because desiese was spread so easily. People may have been shot by a Nazi for no apparent reason. The worst thing of all was that lots of people were told everyday they were going to take showers when they first got there and were actually led into death gas chambers. Other people who might have been young, old, or and anything they didn't like might have been killed in the gas chamber, too. After the gas chambers the dead bodies were burned in mass numbers in a crematorium. No one was treated fairly. 

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